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Awareness • Research • Action

The Fort Climate Centre is being constructed on the site of the Countryside Education Trust. It will be a Visitor Centre, open to the public, and will be very active in the field of Education – for both adults and children.

The Centre is the result of the passion of Edward Fort OBE LLD (Hon) and his grave concern for the lack of awareness of climate change and its potentially catastrophic effects, which are only recently being identified and acknowledged.

The Visitor Centre is currently in the design phase and is planned to be finished before the end of 2021.

Our activities include …

  • scientific research
  • courses for school children
  • training for teachers
  • community courses
  • networking with university research departments
  • influencing key people
  • making businesses aware
  • pioneering action for change
  • exhibtions at open events

Latest News…

A look around

A look around

This is how the Fort Climate Centre will appear when completed.It is a modular construction using sustainable materials. Particular attention has been given to insulation and reducing energy consumption.Click through these photos to get a better idea of the Fort...

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All set to start the build

All set to start the build

Planning permission has now been granted for the Centre and we’re all very excited. It is hoped to start the groundworks very soon with a view to completion in the autumn.

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